Publications and Selected Works

“Bruise” forthcoming in New England Review (2019)

“Still Floats” in NASA’s First Light (July 2019)

“Asia” in Rattle (June 2019)

“Weak Ode to Saffron” in Frontier Poetry (June 2019)

“Two One Two” in LUMINA (May 2019)

“I Gave Him the Moon” in Salamander (Spring/Summer 2019)

“Eve Apologizes Again” in Juked (March 2019)

“A Girl Doesn’t Drown” in Gravel (March 2019)

“Baggage” in Nat. Brut. (Spring 2019)

“Isfahan, 2010” in Michigan Quarterly Review (Spring 2019)

“Can You Remove Your Necklace During Work Hours?” in Lunch Ticket (Winter / Spring 2019)

“After the Consulate” and “Faucet” in The Puritan (Winter 2019)

“Saturday School Unteaching” in Fogged Clarity (Winter 2018)

“Corneas: A Lord Sort” in Sliver of Stone (November 2018)

“The Swayer” in Cosmonauts Avenue (November 2018)

“io” and “Name Panic on Election Day, 2008” in Tinderbox Poetry Journal (October 2018)

“Carmen Sandiego Reacts to the Travel Ban” in Luna Luna Magazine (October 2018)

“A Word of Advice to the Host from her Parasite,” “First Room,” “Joon,” “The Opening,” and “Red Peacocks” in NAILED (October 2018)

“With Four Lines from Season Four: Episode Six” in Barrelhouse (September 2018)

“Quick Question for a Palm Weevil” in Glass Poetry Press (September 2018)

“Depression is an American Mink” and “ode to my coffee maker for understanding my depression” in Up the Staircase Quarterly (August 2018)

“50:16” in Waxwing Literary Journal (Fall 2018)

“Depression Diagnosed the Vegan” in Crab Fat magazine (August 2018)

“At Fajr” in HEArt Journal (June 2018)

“Doh Cheshm” in Silk Road Review (Spring 2018)

“Because Just in Case” in Stirring (Spring 2018)

“Conveyor Belt” in WomenArts Quarterly Journal (January 2018)

“Bad News for Bigots” in Atticus Review (December 2017)

“After the Antidepressants Stopped Working,” “Baby Timpani,” “Everything about Fireflies Has Already Been Said,” “This Was for Tiphys” and “While Watching the Protestors Saturday Morning” in Mud Season Review (December 2017)

“Red Fox” in Word Fountain (Winter 2017)

“Explaining Anxiety to a Stoic” in Tupelo Quarterly (October 2017)

“Small” in Painted Bride Quarterly (August 2017)

“Flightless Birds” and “red” in Prism Review (July 2017)

“T4” in Cleaver Magazine (June 2017)

“Fresh” in Roanoke Review (June 2017)

“Thank You Letter to Hava” in Nashville Review (Summer 2017)

“July Sky” in Quiddity (May 2017)

“Black Dog,” “Grateful” and “Organs” in Menacing Hedge (Spring 2017)

“Uncertified” in Asian American Writers’ Workshop (February 2017)

“Relapse” in Slush Pile Magazine (February 2017)

“O” in The Boiler (Winter 2017)

“Hagar” in New South (2017)

“Dandelion’s Revenge” in Pembroke Magazine (2017)

“Overcast” in Reunion The Dallas Review (2017)

“Vengeance” in Gingerbread House (December 2016)

“Continued” in Two Cities Review (December 2016)

“October” and “Wisteria” in Talking Writing (November 2016)

“Defector” in Natural Bridge (November 2016)

“I Thought of an Egg” and “Short Answer” in Bird’s Thumb (October 2016)

“Solace” in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (October 2016)

“For Tall Girls” in Easy Street (September 2016)

“Word Makers” in The Pinch Journal (Fall 2016)

“Hyacinths” in IthacaLit Literary Magazine (Fall 2016)

“Answered”, “Mango,” and “Poblado” in Deluge (Fall 2016)

“For Blotchy, the Octopus that Stayed While Inky Escaped” in Split Rock Review (Fall 2016)

“Gaze” in Harpoon Review (August 2016)

“Life Jacket” in Heart Journal (July 2016)

“Grape” in Rogue Agent Journal (June 2016)

“Sunday” in Noble / Gas Qtrly (June 2016)

“Medellín” in The Missing Slate (June 2016)

“Return” in Really System (Summer 2016)

“Other Photos” in Poydras Review (May 2016)

“Connecting Flight” and “Visible chandeliers” in Quail Bell magazine (May 2016)

“Madam Reporter” in Riprap Journal (May 2016)

“Blue” in Passages North (April 2016)

“Ninth Month” in Stillwater Review (2016)

“Samarra” in Chiron Review (Winter 2015)

“Unprepared” in Kudzu House Quarterly (Winter 2015)

“Clavicle” in The Commonline Journal (May 2015)